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The Learning Organization  |  Multi-Prong – Iterative Approach to Achieving Organizational Effectiveness

We bring to all our engagements a proven framework and set of methodologies.   We have developed a hybrid methodology that takes the best of what Lean Six Sigma and more enterprise-level process improvement methodologies have to offer.  We have integrated them into a comprehensive approach and methodology for achieving operational effectiveness.   Additionally, The Mercator Group has developed a methodology for Business Process Management System (BPMS) / Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) implementation.  Both of these methodologies are available upon request in workbook format.

The Mercator Group has also developed a modified methodology for application development with agile characteristics in order to be used within a Federal Government setting. This methodology has many characteristics of scrum, the software development industry leading agile methodology. TMG’s methodology differs from scrum in the way that TMG’s agile methodology units agile methodology characteristics with the use of Business Process Management Software, allowing for the quick configuration and building of process-based software. TMG’s methodology also has slightly different roles than tradition scrum, allowing for constant alignment of business objectives to available resources or other limitations.  More information on this methodology can be found within the “Resources & Publications” page found in the menu above.

Phases of development within TMG’s methodologies.

development phases

All of The Mercator Group’s methodologies are consistent with Federal Government Enterprise and Segment Architecture Frameworks.