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The Mercator Group’s Approach to Business Process Management

The TMG Agile Business Process Management Approach is the intellectual property of The Mercator Group. However, in the interest of contributing to the Business Process Management (BPM) discipline, and in recognition of our use of, and reliance on, industry best practices, the material is freely available. We only ask that, if used in its entirety, attribution be given to The Mercator Group. The Mercator Group is management and IT consulting firm dedicated to the advancement of process improvement and IT enablement methodologies and techniques, especially as they assist government and not-for-profit organizations dedicated to our common welfare.


The Mercator Group’s Agile Training Program


The following resources not only answer questions like “What is agile?” and “Why would I use agile?” but also questions like “How can agile practices be implemented within a government setting?” and also “How can an organization implement agile practices while controlling risk?”. The resources listed below consist of a workshop presentation, and an overview of agile concepts.

TMG Agile Scrum Executive Overview

TMG Agile Workshop Material


A Comparison of Requirements Analysis Methods

BPTrends | November 2012

Over the last several years, The Mercator Group (TMG) Process Design Studio (PDS), In support of its Government clients, has relied on several different approaches or methods for eliciting and documenting business requirements; ranging from more traditional functional requirements elicitation to leading-edge Agile techniques.  This article presents our evaluation of these methods and recommendations for their usage.

Author(s):  Kim Ellison, Dawn Levy, Mark Nelson, Charles Popelka


The Mercator Group Recognized by Gartner Group

Gartner | October 2009

The Federal Acquisition Service (FAS) was honored by the Gartner Group for its innovative BPM practices. Business Process Management (BPM) is about putting in place the management disciplines to effectively align resources to the customer and to ensure the continued ability to adapt the organization to meet their ever changing requirements. Over the past three years, FAS, with support from The Mercator Group, has clearly demonstrated its expertise and success in exercising solid BPM practices. An example of a result through Business Process Management was that FAS, with support from The Mercator Group, successfully implemented its “New Offer Process 30-Day Challenge”. As a result, the organization was able to create an express desk capable of reducing the time to process contract modifications from 120 days to 30 days.


Building High-Performance Enterprises In The Federal Government

BPTrends | April 2005

This white paper explains how the Federal Government Community faces many challenges in its effort to evolve Government and Agency to become high-performance enterprises and that achieving this status will require a Government-wide sustained effort that addresses all aspects of enterprise performance management and program execution.

Author(s): Mark Nelson


Is Your Enterprise Architecture All It Can Be?

BPTrends | June 2004

This white paper presents ways in which techniques, pioneered and proven by “big five” consultant firms in the early nineteen-nineties, can be adopted in the Federal EA space, and how some of the “pitfalls” of current practices can be avoided. It is based on our combined experience in introducing these techniques into the market place, and lessons learned in the process.

Author(s):  Perryn Ashmore, Joel Henson, Jeff Chancellor, and Mark Nelson


Enterprise Architecture Modernization Using The Adaptive Enterprise Framework

BPTrends | January 2004

The primary purpose of this white paper is to demonstrate that a business aligned and agile enterprise can be achieved and sustained through the effective across-the-board integration of Model Driven Architecture, Value Chain Analysis, Business Process Management, Business Analytics, Service-Component based infrastructures and middleware, and Organizational Change Management.

Author(s):  Mark Nelson


The Mercator Group Process Improvement Methodology Workbooks


Workbook I provides guidance and instructions on ensuring that an enterprise-wide process improvement effort is properly aligned and supportive of organizational mission, goals and objectives.  Workbook II provides guidance and instructions on implementing a major process improvement effort, including detailed instructions for conducting process improvement workshops.  Workbook III provides a methodology for quickly implementing process improvements by using a combination of Business Process Management Suite (BPMS) software and Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) techniques.

The workbooks were developed by The Mercator Group and are freely available for all who would like to use them.  We only ask that if used in their entirety that attribution is given to the Mercator Group for material used.

Workbook I:    Enterprise Portfolio Process Alignment (In Production)

Workbook II:  Business Process Improvement

Workbook III: BPMS / SOA based IT Service Design and Delivery