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Process Design + Organizational “Buy-in” + Responsive I.T. + Effective Capital Planning = Success

Providing Client Focused Solutions:

The Mercator Group’s team of highly experienced multi-disciplined professionals can bring all the outside support capabilities required to jump start and implement a continuous process improvement program.  We can put together a plan that either starts as an enterprise level top-down program, or as a focused improvement effort that can be expanded.  We have a wide-variety of business improvement or transformation programs that can be customized to the needs of your organization.

TMG Client Services Model

The Mercator Group Jump Start Program:

The Mercator Group Jump Start Program is designed to provide quick payback and client education as to the value of a process-centric approach to organizational improvement. The Jump Start Program is a limited engagement program that either can be implemented as an enterprise-wide scan-and-improve effort, or a more focused effort on a single business process improvement.  It includes access and use of The Mercator Group’s state-of-the-art Process Design Studio.  Efforts usually last between two and three months and require the client to commit to one senior-level project manager, and four to six hours a week from key subject matter experts.

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